Statement From Management




To Whom It May Concern:

As of this writing, James Anthony Walker has chosen to exercise tight controls with regards to the release, marketing, distribution and target audience for his work.

He, in collaboration with trusted lifelong music and business colleagues, has adopted this market approach for several primary reasons: 

His work is highly targeted to a niche audience. It is focused entirely on supporting the mindfulness, meditative and other holistic practices of his listeners. This tight focus, free of more mainstream demands, has afforded him the opportunity to touch, and change thousands of lives for the better. 

His work is heard in large part on the Insight Timer platform, where it has enjoyed over 14 million plays in a relatively short period of time across its global audience of over 20 million listeners.

While that may fall significantly short of the number of streams within the mainstream music market, it is, within this niche … highly significant.

He is the most highly-played ambient composer on that platform. One of his growing catalog of works has remained the most highly-played work on the entire site for over 4 years running. To my mind, that suggests a highly loyal audience.

The revenue scheme which the platform offers far exceeds the benefits, particularly at smaller scales, of all of the other streaming platforms on which he has placed his work.

I say this not to disparage the mainstream music industry by any means. He believes in it, else, he would not be petitioning for membership in the Academy. Rather, I say all of this only to point out that in certain cases, in certain niche genres, there are effective means of being recognized, heard, and followed.

In the near term, this has offered a strategy which gets this artist distributed, heard, and set apart from the noise floor. On his behalf, I thank you for your consideration.


Constance McClain
Managing Director
The Art Of Jim

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